Ethical Farming Ireland organised 2 protests in Cork during 2020. On both occasions, a group of volunteers gathered to oppose the shipments of young bulls who were being exported to Libya to be slaughtered.

Protests are a very important part of our work in helping to raise awareness among members of the public. The greater a light we can shine on this industry, the more power we have to create meaningful change for the animals.

Once it’s considered safe to do so, we’ll be organising future live export protests around the country. Keep up to date with our events via Facebook, and by subscribing to the EFI newsletter.

Cork – March 2020

Cork – July 2020

Due to covid restrictions we held an online event rather than holding a protest in Dublin as we have done in previous years. Thank you everyone who joined in!

Live Export International Awareness Day 2020


This year saw International Awareness Day continue online instead of our usual in-person gathering. We had a brilliant turnout for 2021! Thanks to everyone who took part in someway.  We couldn’t do this without your ongoing commitment and support.

Live Export International Awareness Day 2021


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