Live Export International Awareness Day 2022 and Stena Line protest

This year we marked Live Export International Awareness Day in Rosslare rather than our usual spot in Dublin. We picked Rosslare because it’s where Stena Line regularly exports young calves to France. Calves exported via Stena Line are denied food for up to 30 hours because it’s impossible to feed them en route. Despite violating EU Regulation 1/2005 regarding animal welfare during transit, Stena Line continues to profit from the live export trade.

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Protest against live export of pigs to China – October 2021

EFI gathered alongside My Lovely Pig Rescue and Animal Rebellion in Dublin to ask the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to reverse his decision to send live pigs to China. We stand firm in our opposition to all live exports and will continue to fight for animals who are forcibly exported for breeding and slaughter.


This year saw International Awareness Day continue online instead of our usual in-person gathering. We had a brilliant turnout for 2021! Thanks to everyone who took part in someway.  We couldn’t do this without your ongoing commitment and support.

Live Export International Awareness Day 2021

Live Export International Awareness Day 2020

Cork – March 2020

Cork – July 2020

Due to covid restrictions we held an online event rather than holding a protest in Dublin as we have done in previous years. Thank you everyone who joined in!



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