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EFI has started fundraising for a billboard campaign to raise awareness of the live export industry – it will not stop without public pressure so we need to ensure the public are aware of what the truth is behind this inhumane and unnecessary trade.

Irish dairy calves shipped to veal farms

Each year Ireland sends over 150,000 15 day old calves on long journeys to inhumane veal farms in Europe. They have to go over 24 hours with no feed, enduring a long ferry journey before they can be unloaded and fed. Many become sick on the way and some don’t make it.

Unweaned calves are very vulnerable and susceptible to stress and illnesses like pneumonia due to an underdeveloped immune system. They arrive at the veal farms with shrunken bellies and snotty noses.

Not only that, investigations by NGOs Eyes on Animals and L214 have uncovered brutal treatment of the calves at both of the control posts in Cherbourg. In this article by the Guardian, we can see young Irish dairy calves being physically beaten in Cherbourg.

Irish bulls exported to Turkey

Bulls exported to Libya, Algeria and Turkey

Thousands of young bulls are also sent on long sea journeys to Libya, Turkey and Algeria.

Not only do they have to endure up to 14 days crossing choppy seas, knee deep in their own filth, but the animal welfare standards in these countries are appalling and slaughter methods completely inhumane. Many animals become sick or injured on the way and some die, with respiratory illness and broken limbs being the most common causes of death.

Live exports billboard campaign fundraising

We are starting a billboard campaign to raise awareness of this hideous trade and encourage the public to join our campaign and push for an end to it. The total cost for the rent and printing of the billboards and removal at the end is €5,000 for 10 billboards or €7,000 for 15.

If we don’t hit target for the billboard campaign, whatever funds are raised will be used on other campaign materials, such as protest placards, information leaflets and other forms of advertising.

Calf export season will start again in February. This cruelty must be stopped.

Any donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Go Fund Me billboard campaign 


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