Livestock Vessel Objection

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Livestock vessel Shorthorn Express – Objection to Certificate of Approval

A new livestock vessel has come on the scene that has a rather checkered past – Shorthorn Express. It was built in 1998 so is actually a lot younger than other vessels used by Irish exporters but is still over 20 years old and has a history of serious deficiencies being uncovered during inspections endangering the lives of both crew and animals.

The owner/management company also has a rather poor record including one of it’s vessel having the worst fuel spill in two decades and over half of the companies fleet has been detained at some point, which is an appalling record and well above the norm.

In order for a livestock vessel to be used to carry livestock from Ireland it has to undergo an inspection by a veterinary authority and a marine surveyor to ensure it is up to standard and fit for purpose. The management company also has to meet certain criteria, as set put in the Carriage of Livestock by sea Regulations. The Minister of Agriculture will then approve the vessel and a certificate is awarded that can be valid for a period up to five years.

EFI submitted a formal objection to the Minister against the approval of the vessel. You can view the letter below.

Shorthorn Express Approval Objection


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