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2023 – a year in review

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Once again the year was dominated by live export, which saw a 12% increase and another new market coming on the scene – Israel. Unweaned calf export increased by 19%, but export outside... READ MORE

Irish dairy bulls – a fate worse than veal

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RTE Investigates exposed the Irish dairy industries dirty secret.  It highlighted the horrendous ordeal unweaned calves go through, mostly male dairy calves that are an unwanted by product of the industry. It featured... READ MORE

Dundeady Free Range Farm

Almost all Irish pigs are reared in intensive systems, never getting to experience the outdoors or carry out natural behaviours. However, the good news is there are more and more free range pig... READ MORE

OneWelPig Project

Miserable existence The majority of the 1.7 million pigs in Ireland endure miserable lives confined in an unnatural environment with no stimuli. There are very few free range farms and they are all... READ MORE