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Dundeady Free Range Farm

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Almost all Irish pigs are reared in intensive systems, never getting to experience the outdoors or carry out natural behaviours. However, the good news is there are more and more free range pig... READ MORE

OneWelPig Project

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Miserable existence The majority of the 1.7 million pigs in Ireland endure miserable lives confined in an unnatural environment with no stimuli. There are very few free range farms and they are all... READ MORE

2022 a year in review

2022 saw us coming out of the pandemic and things slowly started getting back to normal.  Here is an overview of our activities and achievements across the year. January – March: Non-EU export... READ MORE

EFI and NGOs send Open Letter to Minister

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Animals International, Compassion in World Farming and Eyes on Animals have joined forces with Ethical Farming Ireland in an Open Letter to the Minister. In the letter we outline ongoing, serious concerns around... READ MORE